The Boy In The Story Is Not Me

It seems one of the posts I made about a year ago had another surge in popularity. (10,000 notes OVERNIGHT!!!)

I welcome all of the new followers it has brought, and all those interested in my blog, but I have to clarify: The story about the 16 year old boy who was nearly raped and saved by drag queens IS NOT about me. 

I originally copied and pasted it to my blog from another non-Tumblr blog that no longer exists and I do not know the original source. While browsing through my own older posts, I stumbled across it again, copied it and pasted it into my blog again (I couldn’t figure out how to re-blog my own post)

Like most of you, I was awed by the story and just thought it needed to be shared. If anybody knows the original source, please let me know in my ask box and I will edit the original post with the source link.

But thanks for showing your interest, I hope I can still entertain all of my new followers. I’ll do my best to, anyways. :)

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  • Posted: 1 year ago on Wednesday 14 November 12
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