Oh my god this is so fucking cute.
And I think I love it because they know no one on that train will fuck with them. 

Okay my heart is melting. This is really precious. 

How funny/cute would it be if they didn’t even know each other but they both had exhausting days and just crashed on the subway. Then when they woke up it would be awkward at first, but then one would make a joke like “You make a great pillow” and the other would laugh and he’d ask if he would want to hang out.
Eventually they date, fall in love, get married, and adopt two kids and when their kids ask how they met they’ll tell them the story of how they fell asleep on each other in a public subway.

headcanon accepted

Only tumblr can make headcanons for two random strangers!

I ship it

me too

Is there a fanfic for these two yet?
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      That is just too cute!
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      I think this is in Russia. I hope Russia legalises homosexuality soon. I want to visit there but I don’t want to be...
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      Looks like I found myself another ship
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      DO IT
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