Anti-gay youth group leaders try to keep a girl from her gay dads
This incident still angers me for many reasons. My dads are gay, and when I was younger, someone at my school invited me to a youth group event. When I got there, they spent most of the time talking about how gay marriage is wrong, and it made me really uncomfortable. So I said, “I’m not feeling good, I’m going to call my dad to come and get me.” When the classmate that had invited me told everyone that I have two dads and they are gay, all hell broke loose. The youth group leaders freaked out and said that I wouldn’t be calling my dads. In fact, they did not want me to leave. They tried to get me to see that my dads were sinning, but I told them I wanted to leave and that I disagreed with what they were saying. I remember being in tears, scared and wanting to go home.
I went into the bathroom and called my dads. They were pissed and came to pick me up. My one dad called the police when they got there, as the youth group leaders would not let them get me. The police went into the church and brought me out. Charges were not pressed but I refused to go to any more of those youth group events. Thinking about it now still bothers me, I shake when I think about it. – Name withheld by request

Children need a FAMILY. Regardless of the parental figures’ sexual orientation.
Plain and simple.

This angers me on so many levels -
1) The church attempted to KIDNAP the child because they had two dads?2) Single mothers and single fathers raise kids just fine ALL the time, they don’t need a mom AND a dad. They need someone to be a parent and guardian.3) It angers me that people would rather see kids HOMELESS and orphaned than without two loving parents because they are of the same gender. 
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